Return to Work Worries? Our Guidebook Can Help.

You’re in charge of getting your company back to work. But with COVID-19, what does Return to Work (RTW) really mean? It’s time to think creatively about your options.

Unfortunately, it won’t be as simple as setting a reopening date. Consider these points:

  • How ready are your people ready to return to work? Will they feel okay with commuting, riding elevators, and sharing communal spaces? Have you asked them?
  • How can you keep your workforce (and their loved ones) as safe as possible from exposure? Will you establish routine health checks?
  • How will you sustain collaboration and productivity in socially-distanced offices? 
  • Are you prepared to follow CDC, state and local guidelines for sanitizing, shields, barriers, distancing, and masks? 
  • What will you do if a team member becomes ill at work?

KettleSpace has you covered. To help you through the uncertainties of reopening in the COVID-19 era, we’ve developed our own Return to Work Guidebook

The KettleSpace Return to Work Guidebook also explores the pros and cons of various workspace options, including working remotely from safe, fully-compliant coworking spaces like ours, to help you decide what’s best for your business and your teams.

Don’t lose sleep over Return to Work planning.