Plan for Your Company's Return to Work

Support your team with a tailored return-to-work solution, including dedicated locations for your employees and local options based on where your employees live.

  • Flexibility - Pay as you go. No contracts. No Security Deposits. Add or remove memberships as you need. Work from any location in our network. 
  • Cost savings - Save money on fixed real estate costs. Save jobs and invest in your human capital to make the biggest difference to your company’s success. Monthly membership plans to fit every budget.
  • Avoid public transportation - Protect your people from the uncertainties of commuting. Locations in most NYC neighborhoods.
  • Inspiring spaces and increased productivity - Work from home only gets your teams so far. Give your team a safe place to meet, collaborate, connect, and produce more without being in "the office".
  • Safe and convenient - COVID-19 CDC standards for physical distancing, cleaning, and general hygiene always observed (our hospitality partners are familiar with a high standard of cleanliness).
  • Private office and conference rooms available - speak with our team for details.
  • Virtual mail services - Use a central NYC location for all your mail and packages. Maintain a professional business NYC address (searchable on Google).

Complete the form to speak with our experts, reserve your team's memberships, and learn more about how to get started.


Note: All KettleSpace memberships give you access to all locations and our virtual community tools and resources.


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